Married At First Sight `bride’ Clare Verrall is more offended by being called “woman” than hearing she is not what Jono had “ordered” on the reality TV show.

The tradie sent keyboard warriors into overdrive when, after he saw Verrall walk down the aisle, he said in a cutaway interview that “she is not what I ordered”.

Verrall heard the comment for the first time on Tuesday night and she has no hard feelings towards the 28-year-old tradie for his line of thinking.

“If you have someone who has very strong idea of what you want and they give you the exact opposite, I get where he is coming from,” Verrall told AAP.

“He wanted someone little and a brunette and I am not that.

“I am not offended by that but it sounded awkward.”


What did frustrate Verrall after watching the episode was hearing Jono having no instant liking for her.

“He said to camera that he didn’t really feel it and I actually felt a real comfort with him and, this wasn’t shown, we took each other’s hand when I got the end of the aisle and he really put me at ease because I was really nervous,” she said.

“I felt a real connection with him so that was awkward watching that back.”

Despite the lack of an instant connection, the two did hit it off.

Verrall’s humour broke down the barriers Jono had erected when she entered the room.

“We had a fantastic time and an absolutely fun time, even if I wasn’t what he ordered,” she said.


The only setback was Jono’s “footy club” attitude when addressing her her on the night.

He kept calling her “woman” and she said if he persisted referring to her as that he would have copped a knee to the mid-section.

Still working out the nicknames… #9Married

Posted by Married At First Sight Australia on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

“If he called me woman one more time I would have kicked him. I was angry about it.

“Very much a foot club attitude. I don’t stand for people calling me a woman.”

And Verrall knows how to give a decent body blow to a male.


She was attacked in a street in Prahran, Melbourne last year and, despite suffering a broken nose, a broken toe and a black eye, she fought back and kneed her male attacker in the groin which caused him to flee.

“I still have a little PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from that, so having people having scream at me still makes me incredibly anxious,” she said.

“A guy came up grabbed me, punched me in the face, broke my nose, then I kicked him in the nuts really hard and kicked him in the kidneys so hard, he ran off and I broke my nose.

“They didn’t catch him.”

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