Married At First Sight groom Jono Pittman has such a “bad temper” it reminds his bride of being viciously attacked on a Melbourne street.

Clare Verrall was assaulted while walking her dog in Prahran last year. She suffered a a broken nose, a broken toe and a black eye in the attack.

So when Pittman’s short fuse was lit during their honeymoon to the Northern Territory in Monday night’s episode of the reality TV series, Verrall says it brought back some bad memories.

“He does have a temper. A bad temper. A definite temper,” Verrall told AAP.

“I’ve never been around a person who has had a bad temper or is particularly hot-headed.

“I was attacked on the street last year and I still have a little PTSD from that, so having people yell and scream, even if it’s not at me, makes me incredibly anxious, so that wasn’t great.”

There was one other aspect of Pittman’s life which didn’t impress the Melbourne property manager consultant and was actually a slight turn-off.


“His mother does his laundry which didn’t go down very well with me but we did have some great laughs and some fun together as well.”

Verrall felt sympathy for Pittman, who she says was “stitched” up on their honeymoon on the Nine Network series.

The duo’s trip to the Northern Territory included travelling to areas where there are crocodiles and snakes and Pittman has a fear of both reptiles.

“We had some great adventures like kayaking in Katherine Gorge which has crocodiles and that did not go down well with Jono,” she said.

“He told me he was terrified of snakes and crocodiles, so poor boy. He has got this big footballer, blokes, bloke persona and everything we did was with either crocodiles and snakes.


“I felt bad for him. It was a stitch up.”

Verrall did not reveal if the social experiment had been a success but there has been speculation that Pittman is back with his ex, who he broke up with before auditioning for the TV show.

* Married At First Sight screens on Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm on the Nine Network


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