A short film focusing on Mark Knopfler’s upcoming studio album, Tracker, has premiered online at the ex-Dire Straits frontman’s official VEVO YouTube channel.

The clip, which runs a bit over 5 minutes, shows Knopfler working on songs at his home and in his West London recording studio, and also includes some voice-overs of the singer/guitarist discussing the project.

“My position as a songwriter is just to try to make a good recording of a good song,” says Mark at one point in the flick. He also notes that a lot of the songs on Tracker “are connected by time,” adding, “If you’ve [time] it’s kind of nice to take it.”

One scene features Knopfler recording “Basil,” a tune he wrote about late British modernist poet Basil Bunting.

Later on in the film, Knopfler muses about his motivation for being a recording artist.

“You really need an awful lot of desire…to be trying to write a good song and to try to make a good record of it,” he says. “And then the song walks out the door and goes off to have a life of its own…And then to go out and maybe play it for people to complete the circuit – and that’s what keeps it exciting.”

The video was directed by Henrik Hansen and will be included on a DVD that will be packaged with the deluxe box set version of Tracker.


The album will be released on March 17.

Knopfler will support Tracker with a major world tour – we hope to see him in Australia!

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