The wedding between the world’s biggest pop stars and one of the richest men in Australia is on!

Mariah Carey and James Packer only got engaged a month ago, but wedding preparations are already underway.

The 45-year-old singer opened up to E! News, and without revealing specifics, gave a little tease about the lovebirds’ upcoming nuptials.

“I’ve picked a lot of things that I can’t tell, but you’ve already seen the ring so POW!” she said while showing off her 35-karat ring.

We can only assume because of Mariah’s reputation for loving the finer things in life, and the couple’s globetrotting ways through Ibiza, St. Barts, Italy, Israel, Aspen and Australia (to name a few), that the wedding will be nothing short of glamorous.

“They have a connection that is unparalleled; it’s been a very beautiful experience for them both,” an insider explained to E! News. “If you spend even five minutes with them, you can’t help but believe in true love.”


In the meantime, Mariah will be finishing up the third leg of her Las Vegas residency and world tour, and James will continue his philanthropy work.

We can’t wait to hear those wedding bells ring!

Source: E! Online

Top Photo: Getty

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