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Mariah Carey has yet to tell her children she is engaged to marry James Packer.

The Australian billionaire proposed to the Hero singer last month in a New York restaurant after less than a year of dating, and Carey is waiting for the right moment to tell twins Monroe and Moroccan, her children with ex-husband Nick Cannon.

Insisting she’ll be choosing her words carefully, because she wants to ensure her children understand they will always be close to their father, she tells E! News,

“I haven’t talked to them about it completely because they are so young so they don’t really understand things yet so you have to go slowly and explain things and always make sure they know that this is only going to be good for them.”


“Their lives are not going to change. For me, as long as we are together and they have a great relationship with their dad, then that’s great. It’s good. And they are great.”

Carey explains that despite her split from Cannon, the former couple is getting along really well and co-parenting successfully, and she is determined to make sure Moroccan and Monroe are comfortable with her husband-to-be, Packer.

“I think we are trying our best. I really do,” she said.

“I know I am trying my best and I think he (Cannon) is too. I know they love being with him and it’s nice and I will always say positive things about him to the kids.” Carey and Cannon were together from 2008 until 2014.


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