Is this the cleverest con of all time? 

Meet Raven Felix Null, who’s from the US and changed his surname in his twenties. 

Raven claims to have been given seven free nights at seven different hotels and free-of-charge car rental after changing his surname to ‘Null’. 

The word ‘Null’ is incompatible with a lot of computer programming, leading to many systems not recognising him as a person. 

Therefore, the programming fault means that when an employee puts the word ‘null’ into the surname box on an IT system, it will recognise the word as meaning ‘absence of data’.

“I have gotten a lot of free stuff because [a] code gives an error to the effect of ‘last name can’t be left blank” and the person helping me will “just put my info in later” but they never do (or can’t).” 

Surprisingly, the original reason Raven changed his last name wasn’t just to score freebies. 


He claimed that he made the decision to alter his identity after becoming estranged from his parents and chose the word ‘null’ because he said “it means nothing, meaning I am not connected to my ‘family’ in any way anymore”. 


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