54-year-old Indialantic, Florida man, Steve Mershon made an unexpected discovery on the beach last week. 

He was enjoying a walk along the sand near his seaside home when he discovered a message in a bottle. 

Upon reading the message, Steve was left heartbroken. 

The note was from a fifth-grader named Jonathan to his best friend, Daniel, who according to the note, had recently passed away. 

The note reads: 

Dear Daniel, 

I’m really sorry that you pass away. And if you were alive me and you will be playing football, soccer and basketball with Mathew, Oscar and Brandon. You were my best friend and our favourit song was Austin Moon and I hope you fun with Jesus. 


From your best friend, 

Jonathan Torres. 

Steve shared the note on Facebook and announced his plan to drop the bottle back into the sea during an upcoming cruise he plans to take. 

But first, he will add a note of his own – so whoever finds the bottle next finds double the treasure. 



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