Melbourne’s heavy rain didn’t stop Madonna fans queuing up for hours on end to see their idol perform for the first time in 23 years.

The Queen of Pop performed for two hours at an intimate show at The Forum Theatre, singing emotional renditions of her hits intertwined with cheeky jokes and banter.

While fans were happy to wait for the star to turn up.. she was 3 hours late to take to stage.

Doors to the venue didn’t open until 10:30PM and she finally walked on stage at 12:50AM, with the show finishing just before 3AM.


The show was live streamed on periscope and had an old fashioned carnival theme, with Madonna dressed as a clown in a top hat.

She arrived riding a small tricycle, circling the stage a number of times before comically falling off at the front.

Madonna apologized for the delay later in the show and that any mistakes were because the show ”was still a work in progress”.


She also revealed she won’t be making any money in Melbourne because of the late license fees.

Other antics in the show included Madonna testing out stand up comedy routines between songs, she gave two members of the audience $100 each and she sported a jewel-encrusted grill that made her difficult to understand.

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