She’s the Material Girl with a wildly successful career behind her, but some would say it’s time for Madonna, 58, to step back from the spotlight a little, especially when she’s doing things like this.

To show her support for a women’s march to be held in Washington in the coming days, Madge posted a pic of a v… (something that rhymes with ‘Madge’) to her Instagram, with a Nike swoosh shaved into the pubic, err, region. She captioned the image with Nike’s tagline ‘Just Do It’ encouraging people to join the march, although we’re not quite sure if Nike approves of the association! See the image below..

Although the image is very likely not of Madonna herself, the reaction from people on social media doesn’t see it that way with a strong feeling she shouldn’t be posting stuff like that no matter what.

Adele’s brilliantly confused face says it all.

Please, someone say a prayer for Madonna…


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