Brisbane fans who were warned they may face a lengthy wait ahead of Madonna’s Thursday night show were pleasantly surprised when the pop queen arrived just 20 minutes late.

While many were pleasantly surprised by the short wait, devoted fans were shocked when the star pulled down the top of a woman from the crowd, fully exposing one of her breasts.

“She is the kind of girl you just want to slap on the ass and pull oh s***,” Madonna is seen saying in a video posted online.

“Sorry, sexual harassment you can do the same to me,” she added.

The Material Girl had been slapped with criticism for keeping thousands of fans waiting for more than two hours at her first of two Brisbane shows on Wednesday night.


According to a fan in the audience, the star started only 20 minutes late and presented a polished show..

“Concert was perfectly executed, as in her performance, dancers, acrobats, band, lighting and set,” Dee Handyside said.

“Most audience there tonight just wanted to know ‘why’ the delay happened the night before.”

The singer landed in Sydney on Friday morning and is set to perform at Allphones Arena on Saturday and Sunday night, the final dates on her Australian tour.


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