A box set of sixteen of Lou Reed’s solo recordings will be released in October.

The RCA & Arista Album Collection spans the late Velvet Underground frontman’s albums between 1972 and 1986, according to editors at Rolling Stone. Lou’s musician wife Laurie Anderson confirmed the iconic rocker spent months prior to his death in 2013 remastering each of the recordings, which include Transformer, Berlin and Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal, among many others.

The collection of 17 discs (live LP Take No Prisoners is a two-part CD), is accompanied by exclusive art prints, an 80-page book that includes memorabilia from Reed’s private collection, interviews, rarely seen artwork and photos.

Laurie explained the project was a labour of love for the rocker. “As wireheads (technology lovers) Lou and I loved beautiful recordings and spent years making our studios, instruments and gear the best they could possibly be,” she said in a statement.

“Lou put his heart into remastering these records. They are not smoothed out. Sometimes remastering revealed their details and roughness in the most exciting ways. They leap out at you with their original energy,” she added.

Producer Hal Willner wrote in the box set’s liner notes how he enjoyed watching Reed revisit his past works, when they remastered the albums in June and July of 2013.

“This box set was Lou’s last project,” he wrote. “Everyone who was in that room or around Lou during this period witnessed a beautiful thing as he enthusiastically relived that whole period of his work with the joy of rediscovery, excitedly pointing out subtleties in sounds he hadn’t heard in years.”


A tribute event curated by Willner and Anderson, The Bells: A Day Long Celebration of Lou Reed, will take place in New York City on 30 July as part of Lincoln Centre’s Out of Doors Festival.

The RCA & Arista Album Collection Contents:

Lou Reed (April 1972)

Transformer (November 1972)

Berlin (July 1973)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal (February 1974)


Sally Can’t Dance (August 1974)

Metal Machine Music (July 1975)

Coney Island Baby (December 1975)

Rock and Roll Heart (October 1976)

Street Hassle (February 1978)

Lou Reed Live: Take No Prisoners (November 1978)


The Bells (April 1979)

Growing Up in Public (April 1980)

The Blue Mask (February 1982)

Legendary Hearts (March 1983)

New Sensations (April 1984)

Mistrial (June 1986)

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