An incredibly emotional moment has been captured on video and gone viral recently and when you watch it, you’ll definitely see why… 

Alex, 7, is unable to hold back the tears after seeing his dad, Chief Petty Officer Sean Cullen for the first time in over three months. 

The young boy couldn’t hold back his tears when his sailor father surprised him in the kitchen, returning from a 99-day deployment. 

His mother, Jennifer Cullen brought her son into the kitchen and questioned him about when he thought his father would be returning. 

Jennifer also told Alex there was a ‘very important’ surprise that his dad wanted to tell him and in the footage you can see excitement building as Alex suspects what the surprise could be. 

In the background of the footage, Sean can be seen sneaking up behind his son from the hallway into the kitchen until he is directly behind him. 

Alex immediately bursts into tears and embraces his dad, saying “how did you get here so quick?”. 


Watch below and try not to cry! 

Daily Mail

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