Health authorities in Queensland are trying to find the mystery link between six cases of a highly infectious strain of COVID-19 connected to the same quarantine hotel.

On Wednesday it was announced that all 129 guests at the Hotel Grand Chancellor would be moved to restart their 14-day isolation.

The urgent response was initiated after genomic sequencing of six previously identified COVID-19 cases indicated they were linked.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said the rapid action meant no change was needed to the current restrictions in Greater Brisbane.

“There are two parts to this that we need to address, the incident response and the epidemiological mystery behind the source,” she said on Wednesday.

The cases include a man and his partner who arrived from the UK on December 30, a hotel cleaner and her partner and a man and his daughter who arrived from Lebanon on January 1.

“The genomic sequencing suggests there is a common source of the virus for all six of these patients,” Dr Young said.


The 226 people who worked at the hotel and 250 who have quarantined there since December 30 will also be isolated and tested.

“There is no evidence at this stage that the hotel or any of its staff have done anything wrong,” Dr Young said.

“It’s important we understand the link, it’s a mystery we need to solve.”

The investigation into how the virus breached quarantine protocols is being led by Queensland Police.

A number of actions have been taken at the hotel since a cleaner tested positive to the UK strain on January 6.

No guests have entered since January 7, a review of infection control measures occurred on January 8, and there have been increased cleaning measures including a deep clean of communal areas on January 12.



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