Lifeguards at Hawaii’s Waimea Bay were chased down by a monster wave and it just goes to show mother nature’s fury.

The world’s most skilled surfers took to the ocean last Thursday but the lifeguards who protect them had a more challenging task.

They sat on their jet-skis at the ready to help wiped-out competitors in the historic “Eddie” surf competition, but none of them were expecting a massive wave to come barrelling into them.

Some of the lifeguards were able to make it over the crest of the wave before it completely broke, but some weren’t so lucky…

Click above to watch the full video from the drone.

Biggest wave at 2016 Eddie caught by Hawaiian Water Patrol

A big 60-foot plus wave closed out Waimea Bay, Hawaii during the Eddie. Five rescue watercraft with the Hawaiian Water Patrol came in on the wave, barely outrunning it at full throttle. Another rescue watercraft can be seen barely making it over the top of a back set wave going out, instead of coming in to escape the wave.#EddieWouldGo #EddieWent

Posted by Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Friday, February 26, 2016


For a bit of perspective here is some lifeguards trying to tow a surfer over a 40-foot wave that’s already breaking.

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