Almost a year after a social media campaign begging Lego to “think outside the brick box” to represent people with disabilities, they’ve unveiled a wheelchair-bound minifigure.

The minifigure wears a beanie and is accompanied by a helper dog.

It has since gone viral after being spotted at the London and Nuremberg Toy Fairs, with photos later shared online by the Bricksfans website.

The introduction of the disabled character comes as a result of Lego’s Toy Like Me campaign after they were accused of a lack of diversity.

A petition was started to include disabled minifigures.

“Oh Lego, where are your basket-balling wheelsters? Baseball playing Duplo folk with hearing aids? White cane using Lego Friends off to the gym?” said the petition, which attracted more than 20,000 signatures.


On behalf of the campaign organisers, Toy Like Me co-founder Rebecca Atkinson said she was overjoyed at the news.

“We’ve got genuine tears of joy right now … Lego have just rocked our brick-built world!” she wrote.

“Lego have listened to this little ol’ toy box revolution … Excitement factor — off the scale!

“Lego we salute you! You’ve just made a 150 million children, their mums, dad, nans, grandads, teachers, carers, pet dogs and hamsters very, very, very happy! We’re conga-ing up and down the street right now, (the hamster is at the back) flinging multi-coloured bricks like confetti!”

Source: Today