Led Zeppelin’s deluxe reissue of 1975’s Physical Graffiti debuts at number-11 on the Billboard 200 after selling just over 40-thousand copies its first week in stores.

This follows Top 20 debuts last year for the previous five deluxe reissues – Led Zeppelin debuted at number-seven, Led Zeppelin 2 at number-nine, Led Zeppelin 3 at number-10, Led Zeppelin 4 at number-seven and Houses of the Holy at 12. Jimmy Page, who is overseeing the reissue campaign says, “I just thought it was so important just to give the fans extra information that they didn’t have before and all this stuff that hasn’t come out on bootleg and all the rest of it was just really, really worth doing.”

The last three Zeppelin studio albums – Presence, In Through the Out Door and CODA – will all be re-released as deluxe versions later this year.