Jimmy Page and Robert Plant may not have seen the last of the Michael Skidmore vs. Led Zeppelin copyright infringement lawsuit, even though it appeared to end Friday in Los Angeles with the jury deciding for Zeppelin’s side.

Lawyer Francis Malofiy, for plaintiff Michael Skidmore, who represents the Randy Craig Wolfe Trust, the estate of the late Spirit guitarist Randy California, now says they will appeal the ruling.

In a phone interview with KGB radio in San Diego, Malofiy had this to say when hosts Bob Buchmann and Coe Lewis asked him directly if they would.

“Led Zeppelin wants this to be done. It’s not done. You know, we’re from Philadelphia, so we’re born to fight. I mean, if you believe in a case, you believe in a case. I believe in this case. It’s unfortunate the way we had it tried in alternate reality. They won on a technicality, but we’re going to file an appeal and we’re going to get this thing back down. And I know they want it to be over, it is their legacy, but to us it’s credit.”

Page and Plant were accused of copying California’s Spirit instrumental “Taurus” for the opening of “Stairway to Heaven.” The jury found that although they had access to the Spirit recording, “Stairway…” is not similar enough to the sheet music version of “Taurus” to violate its copyright.

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