Ever heard a song that you’ve loved and not been able to track it down? 

Laurel knows all about it!

And phew! This one took some effort. 

While watching TV, Laurel became obsessed with the song in this Kenwood ad…

But who sings it? 

No one knows. 


First, Laurel put the word out on air to see if anyone could help out. 

First tip off suggested it was Brothers Three… 

But we quickly figured out that is not correct (especially considering there is only one voice in the song)… 

Then we had someone suggest it could be an American pastor. 


But alas, thanks to our loyal listeners – and one lawyer who loves a challenge, WE FIGURED IT OUT!!

Who sings the song you ask?

Our good friend Wes Carr!!

Who knew!!


Of course we had to get him on air to chat about it.

And turns out due to our enthusiasm, Wes has decided to release it as a single in its own right! 

Can’t wait to see what he does with the whole thing!