The co-creator of TV show L.A. Law is working on a reboot of the legal drama.

The U.S. series, which starred Richard Dysart and Alan Rachins, ran from 1986 until 1994 and concluded with a one-off TV reunion movie in 2002.

Now, co-creator Steven Bochco is looking to bring the show back for a new generation.

Bochco said on U.S. radio’s Rich Eisen Show on Monday that he is constantly asked about rebooting the show but he has never been interested in it, until one of the programme’s original writers Bill Finkelstein came to him earlier this year with a pitch for a new take.

Bochco said, “I called my friends at Fox, because they own the show, and they were very interested in having a conversation, and so Billy and I sat down and we sort of reconceptualised what ‘L.A. Law’ would look like and be about over 30 years later.”

He said executives at 20th Century Fox Television were “very enthusiastic” about the idea and they’re in the development process.

Bochco wants to have a script ready by October, is hopeful that a couple of the original cast members will return.



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