No one likes change, especially when it comes to big brand names trying new things when people like them exactly as they are!

But Kraft have pulled the ultimate sneaky move and turned it into a PR success story in the process.

Other big brands need to sit up and take note…

Last April Kraft announced it was going to change the recipe of it’s super popular mac’n’cheese products and people flipped out.

Within a few weeks they were venting on social media that they could taste the change and they were not happy about it.

Kraft responded quickly saying they had not altered the product YET and everybody shut up and forgot about it.


This is when Kraft really got to work. They wanted to make the product less processed and therefore appeal to a market that wants to consume healthier food.

So the solution was to remove all synthetic colours and preservatives from the mac’n’cheese recipe and replace it with paprika, annatto and numeric, so it still had it’s trademark yellow colouring.

They did this, without telling anybody and have since sold 50 MILLION boxes in the US without complaint.

Well played Kraft!