Kate Ceberano has some regrets about her 35-year-career as one of Australia’s top female singers.

But the ARIA-award winning Ceberano is not one to dwell on her “failings” and is ready to celebrate her successes with the release of her Anthology record.

The record consists of 53 songs from her whole career, with each track digitally re-mastered for the release.

Ceberano says she feels proud as she looks back on what’s she’s included on the three-disc record that takes in songs from her 23 albums, including the platinum selling record Bear Witness with funk band I’m Talking and never-before released duets with John Farnham from Jesus Christ Superstar.

It’s taken her a while to get to this place, however, because Ceberano feels that, as a young woman working in the music industry, she compromised herself at times.

“Money gets involved and (trying) to please others was probably my biggest liability throughout my career … that was a really disastrous character failing for me I thought,” Ceberano told AAP.

From the time she broke on to the music scene in the 1980s, the singer says she tried to please members of the music industry including record company executives, producers and songwriters.


A lot of the issues she faced came from being a woman in a male-dominated industry.

“I think I feel I compromised too much and I think a lot of women will,” she said.

In the 1980s, Ceberano was initially buoyed by the emergence of women like Annie Lennox and Chrissie Hynde who were expressing themselves through music with a far greater freedom than women had before.

But she feels there’s been a lack of female acts leading the charge in Australian music.

“You can count on your hand the list of Australian female iconic acts and that in itself is indicative of the climate that I’ve lived and evolved within,” she said.

Ceberano is now at a place where she can revisit her music.


“It’s only now that I can sit and comfortably listen to my back catalogue,” she said.

She also now has a much stronger sense of who she wants to be as an artist and what’s important to her.

Live performance is important to her, now more than ever and is about to embark on the Apia Good Times Tour alongside Daryl Braithwaite, Jon Stevens and John Paul Young, playing 17 dates around the country from May 18.

As she turns 50, Ceberano wants to mix things up and refuses to compromise herself anymore.

“I’d like to be a bit more reckless about the things I get to do,” she said.

“You retire doing the stuff you love, or you end up doing a catalogue of covers records, and that is a choice you have to make.


“It’s quite a comfortable retirement to do that, but it’s just not enough to me to be an interpretive singer. I like to craft and write songs.”

With this album, Ceberano is closing one chapter in her career but only to make way for the next.

“This is kind of a form of housekeeping – finishing something in order to start something new,” she said.

“I’ve always shifted directions when people thought they could define me cleanly. I tend to be a bit capricious like that.”

*Anthology is out now.

Source: AAP, Image: Getty

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