There’s no doubting Kanye loves himself. But it seems there’s a limit to that love.

And that limit was reached when it came to a Sydney mural of Kanye kissing… Kanye.

The larger than life design of the rapper getting hot and heavy first appeared on the white-washed wall of Teggs Lane, Chippendale last month.

Designed by artist, Scott Marsh, you might recognise the mural from a certain photoshopped pic of Kanye that went viral.

However, it would seem Kanye is less than happy with the tribute.


According to Marsh, someone claiming to be the rapper’s management has contacted him offering him a “pretty decent chunk of money” to scrap the image.

Not convinced it was the 38-year-old’s management, Marsh is now asking for $100,000 USD plus a lifetime supply of Yeezy sneakers to be purchased through his website as proof.

Time to see just how much Kanye loves Kanye…

h/t Pedestrian

Top Photo: Getty