The Rolling Stones earned more cash in the U.S. than any other rock act in 2015, according to Billboard’s latest Top Money-Makers list. The veteran British band earned $39.6 million in total revenue last year, placing them at #3 overall on the tally.

Most of the money The Stones made came from their North American tour, which brought in $37.3 million. They also took in took in $1.4 million in music sales, $509,000 from publishing and $383,000 in streaming revenue.

Other rock artists in the top 10 of Billboard’s list include Billy Joel, who was #4 with $31.7 million in total revenue; The Grateful Dead and the band’s spinoff group Dead & Company, at #6 after raking in a combined $23.8 million; and U2, at #8 with $21.8 million.

Further down on the tally are Dave Matthews Band at #13, with $14.1 million; Elton John at #15, with $12.4 million; Rush at #16, with $12 million; Fleetwood Mac at #20, with $11.3 million; and AC/DC at #24, with 10 million.

Topping the chart is pop superstar Taylor Swift, who earned $73.5 million in total revenue last year.