We all know footy players can be partial to a bit of towel-whipping in the locker room, but glaringly obvious on-field gropes?

That’s new territory.

In what’s been dubbed a ‘Hopoate’ move, after the infamous John Hopoate, who is known for using similar tactics to get opposition players distracted, Josh Reynolds proceeded to place his hand on Canberra Raiders player Aidan Sezer’s bum.

The hand then slid ever so slightly underneath his derriere, and was about to get inappropriate before Sezer ran off after delivering the ball through the scrum.

Josh Reynolds also found himself walking off field mid-game, headed straight for the sin bin after the ref called a professional foul on his teammate, Josh Jackson.

It seems it was a case of mistaken identity, and Reynolds had to make his way back onto the field.


Source: Daily Telegraph

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