The music world has been sent into a spin of worry and concern over the news Joni Mitchell has been rushed to hospital.

The news about the legendary folk singer, who wrote seminal classics Big Yellow Taxi and Both Sides Now, was confirmed on her official Twitter page on Wednesday.

“Joni has been hospitalized. We are awaiting official word on her condition and will post it here as soon as we know,” tweeted.

Mitchell was reportedly found unconscious at her Los Angeles home on Tuesday and taken to hospital in an ambulance following a 911 call, according to

The 71-year-old reportedly regained consciousness on her way to the hospital but was placed in intensive care.

Mitchell is known to have a history of health issues, having overcome polio and scarlet fever.

In recent years, the Canadian singer was diagnosed with a skin condition called Morgellons disease, causing people to feel a disturbing crawling, stinging, and biting sensation.


In an interview with The Cut, she described it as: “Fibres in a variety of colours protrude out of my skin like mushrooms after a rainstorm, Mitchell said in a 2014 interview. They cannot be forensically identified as animal, vegetable, or mineral.”

The cause of her recent hospitalisation is not yet known, but it has sent her fans and fellow musicians into a spin as they express their concern for the eight-time Grammy winner.

“Sorry to hear todays news about Joni Mitchell. I sang on her ‘Dancing Clown’ single many moons ago, all the best 4 her recovery,” British rocker Billy Idol tweeted.

St. Vincent tweeted: “NO. Not Joni. @coslive: Joni Mitchell has reportedly been hospitalised and is in intensive care.”

One fan, Brooke Jarvis, expressed on Twitter just how close many people feel to the singer without ever having met her.

“Gotta be millions of us who think of Joni Mitchell as a full-on close personal friend. We’ve been through a lot together! Hope she’ll be ok.”