We all know Angelina Jolie-Pitt as actor, advocate and proud mother of six beautiful children.

But that isn’t how she thought her life would unfold.

Motherhood was the furthest from Jolie’s mind growing up and in early adulthood.

The idea of being a parent, being pregnant, caring for a child had little to no appeal. 

But the actor opened up to the Associated Press while directing the film ‘First they Killed my Father’ in Cambodia about what changed her mind. 

“It’s strange, I never wanted to have a baby,” Jolie told CTV news.

“I never wanted to be pregnant. I never babysat.


“I never thought of myself as a mother.”

It’s only appropriate that the interview took place in Cambodia.

Jolie’s first visit to Cambodia was while filming one of her most noteworthy roles – Lara Croft: Tomb Raidar.

But filming that movie changed not only her career, but her life. 


It was during her time on that movie 16 years ago that her perspective changed.

“When I first came to Cambodia, it changed me. It changed my perspective. I realized there was so much about history that I had not been taught in school, and so much about life that I needed to understand, and I was very humbled by it,” she said. 

“That trip [filming Tomb Raider] triggered my realization of how little I knew and the beginning of my search for that knowledge.”

It marked the beginning of her humanitarian work, and also sparked a maternal urge in her that she had not felt before. 

While playing with local children at a Cambodian school, “it was suddenly very clear to me that my son was in the country, somewhere.”


In 2002 she adopted her first child Maddox and expanded her humanitarian work in the country, naming a foundation in his name to help fund health care, education and conservation projects. 

Three years later she adopted a daughter, Zahara, who was born in Ethiopia and a year later she gave birth to her first biological child, Shiloh, with her partner (and now husband) Brad Pitt. 

In 2007 she adopted a three year old boy, Pax Thien, from Vietnam.

Rounding out their family, Jolie and Pitt announced they were expecting twins Knox and Vivienne, who arrived in 2008. 

“For me, this is the moment, where finally my life is kind of in line, and I feel I’m finally where I should be,” Jolie Pitt said.

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