John Waters… What an Australian legend both on our TVs and in music. 

After touring the world he is back in Oz with his epic John Lennon inspired ‘Looking Through The Glass Onion’. 

The in depth monologue cut to music is based loosely on Lennon, incorporating his songs and taking audiences on a moving journey. 

But what had us even more intrigued is Laurel recounting a story on how John made her cry in her teen years… 

Can you imagine her reaction to this: 


But ultimately, it all came back to the music. 

We couldn’t let the man leave without at least singing us something!

Waters even shared on such story about a Lennon song that was a tribute to a closeted Brian Epstein at the time… 

Not even Laurel, Gary and Mark had heard of that one before!

Take a listen to ‘Hide Your Love Away’ with fresh ears… 


In the meantime you can see John Waters and his performace of ‘Looking Through The Glass Onion’ at Twin Towns on Friday or the Eatons Hill Hotel on Saturday night. 

Or watch him on Rake! 

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