John Mellencamp has applauded fellow musician Taylor Swift for taking Apple to task for its initial plans not to pay royalties to writers, producers and artists during a three-month free trial period it would be offering customers of its new Apple Music service.

At a charity event in New York City yesterday, Mellencamp sung Swift’s praises to about 600 music industry insiders, according to Billboard. “Look at this little Taylor Swift taking a stand,” said the veteran rocker. “Where were musicians in Jersey? In Minnesota?… Where was I, for that matter? I tip my hat to her and everyone else should too.”

On Sunday, Taylor wrote an open letter to Apple on Tumblr, explaining that she was refusing to stream her album on the new service because Apple wouldn’t be paying royalties during the period. Within hours, Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue announced Apple had reversed its policy and would be paying artists for streaming, even during customers’ free trial period.

Rod Stewart also praised Taylor Swift on a British TV show Good Morning Britain, “I was knocked out with what Taylor Swift did. She spoke up and was very brave. She should sort out FIFA, [and] with the Greek situation last week, she could sort out anything… She’s gorgeous.”

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