John Krasinski was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon talking about the perils of performing live on stage in New York.

He’s performing Dry Powder with Hank Azaria at The Public Theater in New York City and recounting one of his nightmares that actually came true for him.

“You have nightmares every night about what could happen and one of my biggest nightmares, I got to have come true,” Krasinski told Fallon.

“About two night ago I walked out, I was doing the play, felt really good, felt like I had a lot of good chatter – we’re doing it in the round so everybody is right there, you’re just doing the play to people all around.

“And everybody was laughing, talking to each other, I was like ‘I’m killing it!’

“I find out, nope, my fly was open the whole time.”


Then Krasinski recounted a hilarious fart story from an audience member while he was performing on stage.

He thought he would laugh at that and break character but he said, “Instead it was so long, I’m not kidding it went on and on and on. I think people were being really polite for the first third of it.”

“By the [end]… a woman in the front row said ‘You’ve gotta be f—ing kidding me!'”

He also plays a hilarious game of Word Sneak with Fallon where they attempt to seamlessly use random words into conversations.

You gotta love John Krasinski!

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