It comes less than a week after her shock announcement, an insider has confirmed that there was more to Joh’s departure than first thought.

Speaking to Woman’s Day, a source close to the popular presenter revealed that Johanna found her time on the reality show ‘increasingly difficult’.

“As the pursuit for ratings gets more intense, producers are pushing participants to the brink as they try to manufacture dramatic television,” the insider explains.

“Those production techniques just don’t sit well with Joh’s core values, and as a board member of Beyond Blue she couldn’t condone it any more.”

The former competitive swimmer went to Instagram to tell her fans that she had been asked “to be allowed to step down from ‘House Rules'” before the next season.

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Hi @houseruleson7 fans. Thank you for your incredible, passionate support throughout Season 7, & congratulations to our Champions Pete and Courtney. 💕 I’ve got some news for you all. After a great deal of consideration, I recently sat down with the Network to ask to be allowed to step down as Host of House Rules. They have very graciously agreed for me to do that, which I’m incredibly appreciative of. As the show goes into preproduction for the next season, it’s the perfect time to hand over the role to someone who will take the show into S8. Reality TV production has been an eye opener, they are such enormous beasts with so many people involved, and I’ve had a great time over the last 7 years steering the ship, getting to work with many of my favourite camera crews as we criss-crossed the country… & having a blast playing Dress ups & experimenting with different looks…. with two of my best friends in Rosie Trindall (Stylist Extraordinaire) & Lisa Soames (Hair and Make up guru). It was a seriously fun part of working on the show. As was collaborating with two great writers in Grant Osborn & Robert Adams along with numerous audio operators as we recorded the voice overs. Sometimes we giggled so much, it was hard to get the words out! I’ve worked with fantastic judges in Joe Snell, Drew Heath, Jamie Durie & Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen… & the beautiful & talented Wendy Moore right from the start of the show. She & design mentor Carolyn Burns McCrave helped make every series so much fun. (Go the Girl (staying) Power!!) But the best part always for me, has been getting to know the teams. We’ve laughed & cried together; they all trusted me very quickly & made my job incredibly easy which I’m so thankful & grateful for. My role as host of Better Homes and Gardens, which everyone knows I’m crazy about,  keeps me very busy. Hopefully now though, with a different work load, I’ll be in a better position to take up one or two of the great opportunities that come my way, especially with 7 Sport, which is such a passion for me. But thank you for being such a fun audience to interact with. Now I’m returning to my holiday with my darling husband. Back soon, Johanna.:)

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The announcement came only months after the latest season’s winners, Pete and Courtney Tserbis, claimed that the producers had forced them into making up drama just for the cameras.

“They [the producers] were trying to make us fight from the beginning,” says Pete.

“It goes against everything we are.”

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