Former Essendon FC Captain Jobe Watson isn’t just moving to New York to escape all the dramas that have surrounded his footy career. 

On The Footy Show last night, Brendon Goddard spilled the beans, saying that Brownlow medalist Jobe is in fact moving to New York to be a barista! 

“He thought it would be a good idea to go over there to experience New York life but also get involved in a bit of their culture, or the Australian culture in New York and be a barista” Goddard said. 

“So I think he’s arguably the highest-paid barista in New York at the minute, and he went out of his way to do a barista course. He’s gone over there with the intention to make coffees.” 

It’s understood that Jobe has had an interest in coffee making for quite some time now. 

Jobe is apparently still waiting on a working visa before he can start serving up the hot drinks in the Big Apple. 


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