Jimmy Page says he’s “warming up” in preparation to return to the stage sometime later this year.  Rolling Stone reports that the Led Zeppelin guitarist revealed a bit about his plans to play live again at a U.K. event in West London celebrating the upcoming reissue of his old band’s 1975 double album Physical Graffiti.

“How it starts off is, you have to play guitar and get match-fit first,” Page explained to the magazine during a public Q&A session.  “So currently I’m in the process of doing that — but I’m also in the process of doing this [reissue series] too.  It’ll be closer to the end of the year rather than next month.  I’m definitely warming up on the touchlines!”

As for what the fans can expect from his performances, Jimmy noted, “What I’m doing is something that’s going to be quite different.  It wouldn’t be anything that hopefully you’d imagine I would do.”

Of course, Page also discussed the updated Physical Graffiti, which — as with the five previously released Led Zeppelin reissues — will be available in expanded form augmented with a companion audio disc featuring unreleased outtakes and alternate mixes.

“It’s so good to be able to present this, because you can see the bare bones of it, but you also know what it becomes,” the 71-year-old rock legend said of the bonus tracks.  “It’s a really good illustration of why this whole companion disc series is so good.”

Recalling Led Zeppelin’s objective while he and his band mates were recording Physical Graffiti, Page said, “We were thinking about putting out an album that was going to knock everybody’s socks off.  It’s a tour de force, the whole of it.”

The Physical Graffiti reissue will arrive on February 24, the 40th anniversary of the record’s original release, and that will be followed by remastered versions of Led Zeppelin’s final three studio efforts, 1976’s Presence, 1979’s In Through the Out Door and 1982’s Coda.  Jimmy revealed that plenty more sonic treats will be included on the upcoming reissues.  “It’s been a real fun project to do because I know what’s coming,” he declared, “and there’s some great surprises.”



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