She belted out the Australian national anthem in indigenous dialect last year but this year Jessica Mauboy has said she plans to relax at home.

She has a poignant message for Australia however, saying today is ‘important to people in different ways.’

She told News Corp ‘It’s a great time to have everyone around to eat and spend time with each other but also to remember that the day is important to so many people for so many reasons,’

‘For some people, it’s their first year celebrating being in Australia and (being) Australian, and others that have had generations before them – it’s important to people in different ways. For me, it’s about family.

She added: ‘I will be at home with my family for the first time in a few years and we’ll be having a big feast.’


Back in 2014, Mauboy said she was happy to let people ‘have a conversation while celebrating Australia Day.’

‘Knowing that we can move forward and we can teach the next generation, that is the most important thing.

She added: ‘I couldn’t be more proud to be Australian and come from this beautiful country… I never put one side before the other.’

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