Jamie Oliver has launched his latest campaign for healthy living and is this time on the toes of the worlds biggest brands.

Ahead of the summer Olympics in Rio, Jamie wants companies to raise their nutritional and ethical standards.

He admits that this is his ‘most audacious thing I’ve dreamt up.”

While he has had a lot of impact around the world with his campaigns to get kids eating healthier he admits that he might not ”have what it takes to pull this one off.”

Dad-of-four Jamie insists an outright ban on McDonalds and Coca-Cola is not what he wants but it made him ”depressed” that the only food avaliable inside the Olympic Park in London four years ago was McDonald’s food and Coca Cola products, with snacks coming from Cadbury.

The cook said that ‘nobody can be proud of the London Olympics from that perspective.’

The Rio 2016 Olympics kick off on August 5 and will be broadcast on Channel 7.

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