You knew it. We knew it.

Now we have scientific proof that coke tastes better in a glass bottle as opposed to cans and plastic.

The recipe is the same regardless of how the soft drink is to be stored, so WHY can can / glass / plastic have such an impact on taste? 

According to Biochemist and founder of Science by Design, Sara Risch, it all comes down to the liquid reacting with polymers in the packaging.

In layman’s terms… polymers are tiny molecules inside the packaging strung together. 


When it comes to aluminium cans, the these tiny molecules can line the inside of the packaging and absorb some of the soluble flavour of the Coke…

In plastic bottles it can do the opposite and the plastic’s polymers can even ADD properties to the original Coke recipe and alter it (think all those warnings about re-using water bottles!).

“While packaging and food companies work to prevent any interactions, they can occur,” Risch said.

But Risch has a solution.

According to him, glass is the most inert substance that is used for packaging.

Therefore allowing the original Coke recipe to remain as is!


H/T: Mirror