It looks like we are all about to slugged $9 to pick up our undelivered parcels under new plans proposed by Australia Post.

The national post service announced on Monday that parcels would be stored for up to 30 days in changes to be implemented from August 1.

It’s a 20 day extension on their current policy, which sees them held for 10 days without any charge before being returned to sender.

A fee of $3 would be charged on collection after 5 days, with $3 added for each week the parcel remains unclaimed.

In a statement Australia Post said ”Most customers want to pick up their parcel quickly, with 92 per cent of parcels collected within five days”

They carried on saying ”we believe this service will help the small amount of customers who can’t collect their parcel straight away.”

MyPost customers will get 10 days free before they need to pay a fee.


The company is open to feedback, however, with executive general manager Christine Corbett said the company would drop the idea if it proved unpopular.

Australia Post are looking for ways to return to profit after posting a $222 million loss last year.

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