Well here’s an idea taken directly from our fave sci-fi flicks… but have you ever wondered if your job is at risk of being taken over by a robot?

Chances are no, but perhaps it’s time to start thinking about the future of your industry.

According to a report by the Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS), over 400 jobs are at risk of being replaced by robots as early as 2020.

Yep, that’s right. In just four years’ time.

If you work in a creative industry or one where people skills are required, the good news is you’re probably safe.

So if you’re a photographer, nurse and so forth – breathe a sigh of relief.


However, if you work involves manual labour it may be time to consider a Plan B.

According to KEIS, the likes of security guards, delivery men, concrete workers, tax payment administrators, butchers, street cleaners and factory workers will all eventually be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Anyone else feeling a bit like Will Smith right now?

h/t Metro

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