In one of the most incredible events in golfing, no SPORTING history – Louis Oosthuizen scored a hole-in-one like none other in the record books.

Here’s what happened – from a person who doesn’t really know a thing about golf.

He hit the ball high into the air, it travelled for what seemed like AGES before landing on the green and rolling toward the hole and straight for a golf ball that was already positioned in front of the hole.

The commentators were saying, ‘Don’t hit the ball’, ‘don’t hit the ball’, like that would help to change the ball’s direction, but alas, the second ball hit the first one, hard.

BUT, in truly Space Jam-like fashion, the second ball then rolled effortlessly INTO THE HOLE. Seriously, it’s a crazy, crazy thing to watch, take a look!


Source: @EuropeanTour Twitter