Former INXS bass player Garry Gary Beers has been caught up in a nasty legal battle over an alleged dog attack.

Cindy Williams is countersuing the rocker, claiming he set his pets on her husband during an altercation in Studio City, California in December.

In her suit, filed on Monday, Williams alleges negligent infliction of emotional distress and she is seeking unspecified damages.

The papers are linked to a complaint Beers and his wife Jourdan filed in January, alleging assault, battery, stalking and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress against Williams’ husband Robert McGuigan.

The New Sensation hitmaker claims he was walking his dogs Evie and Millie on 23 December when he confronted McGuigan and his pooch.

Evie, a boxer, escaped her leash and went to greet McGuigan and his pet, when, according to Beers, McGuigan and his wife started screaming at him.

The rocker claims he was trying to get Evie back on her leash when McGuigan kicked him in the face, prompting Beers to allegedly ask the defendant to “stop attacking me”.


According to Williams however, Beers failed to mention that his dog attacked her family pet Labrador, Dakota.

And she claims her husband was the victim, insisting she watched as her husband was “dragged to the ground by the dogs while suffering pain, fear and anxiety as Beers’ two large dogs bit and attacked him”.

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