Seeing a celebrity vomit during or after a tucker trial on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! will be considered a job well done by the show’s chefs.

South African husband and wife team Mike Carelse and Claire Gritten have taken great care – and delight – in preparing meals that are easy on the eye but tough on the taste buds.

The couple, who made all the challenge meals in season one, have spent the past 12 months perfecting original dishes and creating vile ones for the new season.

The types of ingredients they work with are cockroaches, ostrich anus, fly pupae, pig’s tail, impala lung, springbok stomach, maggots, buffalo lip and warthog testicle.

Gritten said the initial tucker trials this year have already been planned but the deeper the series goes, the meals will be specifically prepared for each celebrity.

“The reason we present it so nice is to invite them to eat it and if they don’t get through it, we have succeeded,” Gritten told AAP from show’s camp site.

“A lot of it is planned before the show starts but later in the game we tailor it more to certain people’s (dis)taste.


“The hardest thing to cook of any animal is the head, mainly because of the amount of innards…you want to make sure you cook it long enough so inside the head is cooked but the skin doesn’t shrink… that is where a lot of the good food is.”

Pastry chef by profession, Gritten uses some of her learned techniques to add intolerable flavours to appealing menu items.

Expect the milkshakes to contain sour cream and sago seeds are added to provide a “chunky” feeling.

“We play on taste buds,” she said.

The couple do not taste test their own dishes, that is the domain of the Network Ten show’s producers.

However, Gritten and Carelse are no strangers to consuming parts of an animal which are not usually not served at your local restaurant.


“We went to the states recently and had half a pig’s head…and it tasted like a big bowl of crackling. We ate everything, there was nothing left,” Gritten said.

Carelse added: “I’ve eaten pig’s ovaries before.”

According to Carelse, about “99.9 per cent” of the food cooked on the show is locally sourced and any leftovers are sent off to local wildlife sanctuaries.


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