Charlie and Oscar are apprently the unluckiest pet names and are costing their owners hundreds in vet fees!

For dog fans, Charlie’s land their owners with an average $1,000 bill for problems like tummy trouble, skin complains and ailments from tremors to seizures.

Cat owners who have named their moggie Oscar, can expect a $950 bill as they use up their nines lives being injured in road accidents.

According to a study in the UK by Co-Op insurance, mutts called Alfie, Bella, Max and Ruby are the other doggie disaster names.

David Hampson, the Head of Pet Insurance for the Co-Op said “Any pet can come with its fair share of misfortune, landing you with an unexpected trip to the vets or causing mischief around the house.

“However, based on our claims data Charlie and Oscar certainly aren’t the luckiest names you can give your pet.”

Top 5 dog disaster names


. Charlie
. Alfie
. Bella
. Max
. Ruby

Top 5 Cat names that cause disasters

. Oscar
. George
. Charlie
. Alfie
. Felix

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