Kids are smart. 

Their minds are like sponges. 

But there are some of harsh realities of life that they are (gladly) unaware of. 

Some things we will never be able to shield them from. This video, however, looks at how we can teach and shape our children – especially our daughters – to know no bounds. 

Right now: 

– By middle school, girls earn higher grades in science but feel less confident than boys

– By age 11, 30 percent of girls will try a diet


– 60 percent of girls give up doing something they love because they don’t like the way they look

But meet Ellie. She is five. And like many of our daughters, sisters, nieces and granddaughters… she doesn’t know that yet. 

If only our kids could grow up a little more confident than our generation and a little more equal. 

Something to think about. 

The video originates from a kickstarter campaign for a new kind of magazine for girls – Kazoo – that tries to instil the same values and encouragement. You can find out more here


H/T: Popsugar