A semi-trailer on the Gold Coast crashed and burst into flames yesterday afternoon in sweltering 35 degree heat.

The truck was reportedly hit by a flock of birds which caused the driver to lose control.

Two heroes to come out of the accident are women who have been labelled the ‘Water Angels’.

Wendy McCreadie and Tess Cameron came the the rescue of drivers who were trapped in gridlock traffic, in scorching heat.

We tracked Wendy down and were lucky enough to speak to her this morning on the show, take a listen to what she had to say…


McCreadie out of the generosity of her own heart took initiative and bought and paid for a number of bottles of water and set them up on a barricade for anyone who needed it.

Handing out and providing water to people, including babies who were trapped in the gridlock traffic for over two hours was simply amazing, and her efforts were so appreciated!

Coles Nerang donated 120 bottles of water for Cameron to hand out.