A newly married mothers life has been saved by an eagle-eyed doctor who bumped into her while on her honeymoon.

Danielle McCulloch was holidaying in Cyprus just days after getting married in Cyprus but when she in a supermarket the doctor noticed a strange lump on her neck.

She advised the mother-of-two to get it checked as soon as she returned home to the UK, saying it look suspicious.

Upon her return home, doctors confirmed that she had stage three thyroid cancer.

Without treatment the tumour would have killed her, doctors said.

Mrs McCulloch said: ‘I’m so grateful to that doctor for telling me what she did because she could have saved my life.

‘She wasn’t even working; she was just doing her shopping.


‘No-one else had ever pointed the lump out before, and I didn’t think it was anything to worry about.

‘Without the push to get it checked out, it could have been a completely different story.’ 

Mrs McCilloch and her then fiance, 27, had decided to get married abroad after booking a holiday last year but when she was out shopping with her grandmother, the life-saving moment happened.

We are so happy she has made a full recovery.