Are you a How I Met Your Mother Fan? 

Well, we have a fun fact to share that you’ve likely missed and will blow your mind! 

Imgur user Eclipezz points out that in Season 9, Episode 12, the group is making fun of Robin for suggesting that she and Barney get married in Canada. 

After joking around, Robin says “Two mitten jokes in a row, so you’re pretty much done then?” 

Ted’s voiceover then says “Kids, we weren’t even close”. 

Then, to prove how long they’d been making Canada jokes, the writers hid something brilliantly in the background… 


In just seconds, we are given insight into one couple’s entire life story. They start on a date, he proposes, she’s pregnant, their son graduates and the guy dies. 

Hats off to you HIMYM producers, that was legendary. 

Huffington Post 

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