Turns out Chris Hemsworth isn’t just ridiculously good looking, a convincing superhero and a down-to-earth bloke…

He’s also INCREDIBLY funny!

Melissa McCarthy, who starred alongside Hemsworth in the recent reboot of Ghostbusters, said the Aussie heartthrob is so funny he had the girls crying from laughing so hard. 

“Chris crushes in the movie, he is so funny it’s crazy. Truly, I could not get over how good he was,” McCarthy told News.com.

“There’s all this footage of us sitting there laughing so hard we were crying, ruining our make-up.

“I’m absolutely crazy about him.

“Enough, Chris! You’re bionic looking, you’re incredibly nice and you’re the best improviser I have ever seen.”


Plaudits like that from McCarthy herself are worth their weight in gold. 

We would love to see all the bloopers of McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones laughing so hard their makeup runs. 

McCarthy is currently in Australia to promote her new movie “The Boss”. 

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