She may have made it through a harrowing pregnancy following being raped by a gunman, but it appears Home & Away’s Billie Ashford, played by Tessa De Gosselin, is to be killed off by producers.

Photographs have shown Phoebe Nicholson mourning her friend’s death at a memorial site during filming at Sydney’s Palm Beach earlier in the week.

Flowers are laid at a shrine along with personal notes as well as pictures of Billie and her boyfriend VJ Patterson.

One read ‘Darling Billie, RIP beautiful girl. Surf life forever’.

Another said: ‘Beautiful Billie. I’m going to miss your beautiful smiling face in the surf every day. Love Katie.’

Earlier this year, Billie was attacked and raped by a masked gunman following a night shift at the local gym, she fell pregnant before finding out she had been assaulted by Irene’s estranged son Mike.

On Monday’s episode, Billie seemed to have survived the dramatic Summer Bay plane crash but it appears, it may not be the end of the drama.