Harrison Ford’s plane crash injuries won’t delay production of “Star Wars 7”, because it’s already done.  At most, he might have to re-record some dialog.  Meanwhile, insurance experts say Ford might have trouble getting insurance for movies in the future, unless he promises not to fly during production.

When Harrison Ford crashed his plane last Thursday, I’m sure the first reaction of “Star Wars” fans everywhere was, “Is he okay?”  But after they were assured he was, they probably started to wonder if his injuries might delay the upcoming movie.

Well, they can rest easy.  Filming was completed last fall.  The only thing Ford might be called back to do is re-record dialog that wasn’t perfectly captured during filming.

Ironically, filming did take a little longer to complete than expected, thanks to a broken leg Harrison suffered on the set over the summer.  “Star Wars – Episode 7:  The Force Awakens” opens December 18th.

What Ford’s latest accident might delay is his piloting.  At least when he’s making a movie.

The “L.A. Times” spoke to insurance execs who said it might be hard for him to get insurance to make a movie unless he promises not to fly during production

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