Guy Sebastian has opened up about how close he came to quitting music before his career even got started.

Appearing on last night’s episode of Brush With Fame, Guy revealed to Anh Do that he didn’t think that he had a chance in the music industry because of the way he looked.

Following the first season of Australian Idol, Guy had one of the most iconic looks in Australian music, however, he told Anh that he didn’t think his talents could gain mass appeal.

“I wasn’t sure music was an option for me,” Guy reflected on his self-confidence prior to winning the reality series.

“I was a weird-looking chubby, half-Asian kid who didn’t have the pop star look,” Guy continued.

“I got on the train with all these rejection letters, tail between my legs and thought, I can’t change how I look, but I can still be a musician.”

And when he saw an ad for the upcoming Australian Idol series, he thought he had no chance of winning.


“I thought, ‘As if I’m going to win a TV show, let alone get a record deal’. I’m going to go on TV with all these beautiful pop star-looking people? I’ll never win.”

He nailed the audition, but was cut down by Dicko on the judging panel that he looked “like crap”, which brought back all of his insecurities.

Of course, we know what happened after that…

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