Dave Grohl recently performed an acoustic set at a private party at Cannes Lions, and in typical Grohl style, the stories were a plenty.

One particular story which stood out was when he recalled a time when Taylor Swift saved him from total embarrassment in front of Paul McCartney, at Paul McCartney’s house!

The Foo Fighters frontman started the story with the setup… “We were at a party… and Paul was there… and there was a piano in the room” he said. He told how Paul took to the piano and decided to play a new song… which was “amazing”. “Just so you know, Paul McCartney is the baddest motherfucker in the world,” Grohl added.

As McCartney finished the song, Grohl’s story continued…“everybody looks at me and they’re like, ‘Go on Dave!'”, but as he explained, Grohl plays guitar and drums and doesn’t know how to play the piano. When he looked around he noticed all of Paul’s left-handed guitars… ‘”Shit!”, Grohl added, along with, “Also I maybe smoked a little pot”, he continued, “So I was already challenged.”

And then out of nowhere, like “Fucking Batman when you need him,”  Taylor Swift stood up and offered to play a song. While she made her way to the piano, Grohl told how he picked up one of McCartney’s left-handed basses and was trying to figure out how to play along with what she was doing but then realised Swift had started singing his own song, “Best of You,” on the piano. “As if I weren’t high enough, that fucking blew me into outer space, man,” he said.

Grohl wrapped his amazing story with compliments toward Taylor Swift’s singing skills before launching into his own acoutic of “Best Of You”, watch the full video below:


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